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The Mt. Taylor Parkcare group works under the umbrella of the Southern ACT Catchment Group and through them environment ACT. SACTCG helps to organise all parkcare groups within the ACT; their website contains contact details for the various groups as well as environmental news for the territory.

The following are the contact details for Anne I'Ons, group coordinator. Comments and suggestions regarding the website itself can be directed to the website manager. When sending us emails, make sure you delete the REMOVEME text in the email address (it's there to protect us from spam).

Telephone: (02) 62316326
Email: Anne I'Ons

Anne Ions

Anne I'Ons, group coordinator and co-founder, has been an active member of the environmental community for many years. Assisted by her efforts, the group remains well organised, enthusiastic and keeps its goals firmly in mind. The successes she has helped to bring about have also lead to widespread recognition, including a number of awards and monetary grants from various private and government institutions.

While maintaining as strong an interest as ever in the preservation and maintenance of Canberra's hills, she has growing concerns about their future, specifically regarding climate change and over-use by people and kangaroos. She remains optimistic however, and continues to expand her knowledge of the Australian environment in order to better understand and compensate for these pressures.


The Mt. Taylor Parkcare group wishes to acknowledge the help the following people and organisations have rendered us: