Meet above Mannheim gate

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sunday 2 pm 20th Nov, at Mannheim park gate to clean up various plantings above Mannheim , will bring Xmas cake and welcome to new member, Jack Bowman. Also, vale Michael Ogden who worked and produced our field guide to Taylor's birds: we will miss him walking on Taylor, profound knowledge and love of birds, its been a very tough last years for him, and would like to commemorate him by a tree/shrubs near our bench above Mannheim..any ideas please.


October 1st walk cancelled

Friday, September 30, 2016

We recorded 50mms last two days and more to come!!. Sorry, will walk in a few weeks time!

Cheers, Anne

September notes and flower meet

Monday, September 26, 2016

Taylor has been drenched with running streams, flowing ditches and millions of tadpoles. Many Dianellas were planted by Phil, Marie and self in our 2000 Para Olympic site today..we also found many small flowers with Early Nancies Wurmbea dioica and Bear's ears Cymbonotus lawsonianus along with our planting of Acacia buxifolias that survived the burn and are flowering with gusto (not the burn, actually good rain fall!!) The addition to the Olympic site is a continuation of small shrub planting above Mannheim park gate..a very sparse vegetation area that has taken years recovering from ditch, path and road work. Only one person enquired about our work (in two hours we had 100s walking past) thinking we were into more trees..he was shown the Dianellas and noted he did not know the plant..most people had eyes on mobiles and not on the environment, except one small motorised motor bike that was not stopping or removing himself out of the park. Pretty angry we were but no stopping there, and no one in authority to reinforce the ban on vehicles in the park. Tsk

I would like a flower walk meet with the next two weeks, as I will be out of contact for three weeks from 6 October..anyone volunteering to lead a walk??! I can lead one on the 1st October..would anyone like to join us??

Take care, Anne

NOTE flower walk on 1st October at 2 pm, meet at ACTEW gate before C'houn street entrance: if it pours with rain, stay at home!!