Next meet and recent work

Friday, December 29, 2017

Dear Parkcare Community

We hope you had a restful and peaceful Christmas break - our Next Meet is Weekend 20-21 January really am start - mark your diaries and further info will follow - we will be controlling woody weeds in the adjustment.

South side of Taylor - Anne's Work Report

Spent 2.5 hrs fixing up fly trap above warren..(3 new entrances dug!) and killed/ removed over 100 young verbascums above trap and down towards our bench.

Wildflowers on display

Our First Bracky flowering, smaller ones recovering from drought in winter with new leaves and slow growth; one Callitris near our B group hasuddenly grown into nearly 3M high..amazing!! Some Bursarias large one just covered in flowers..beautiful.

The flower display is really quite amazing, mainly small but around and 18 inctotal..the best being the Walenbergias, native raspberry (fruit), tolpis, native flax, pimelea, native St J wort, Xerochrysum viscosum.still magnificent, Eryngium rostratum sharp blue both plants in flower and surviving (thanks to branches) masses St J W in full flower, three briars in flower, proliferous pink and delightful pink centaurium and pure pink Convulvulus..these plants within a squ km..and also, a very good sward of native grasses, particularly sp of Stipa.

Our weed control working

There are certain areas above Mannheim and towards the reservoir (along side Sulwood) where we have reduced the verbascum population drastically and weeding this am was a pleasure! We had also reduced the seeding population of the St J W last summer and again the task is less onerous. And this comes back to controlling the St J W seeding population by slashing the flowering stalks during summer/winter and also removing the total plants by hand: despite the ground is dry, I was able to pull out complete plants today as well as breaking flower heads off.

A car/truck track has come off the end of the concrete path towards the agistment fence, tracked up the area above our bench and then disappeared towards the Sulwood reservoir. There are now 5 padlocks on the Mannheim gate: does anyone know about the extra ones? We need to remove the many W/W briars now appearing in the agistment right on our clean areas above Mannheim.

Happy NY and looking forward to 2018

Butterfly walk next week

Monday, November 27, 2017

Dear Mt Taylor Park Care Community

Next meet - Buttterfly Walk - Sunday 3 December 2017 10 am - 12 noon
Don't forget our Butterfly walk next Sunday 3 December meeting at the Waldock St reserve car park at 10am - I don't want to over promise but Matthew Frawley has sighted yet another first for Mt Taylor last week, the Fiery Copper. which was also the first sighting of this species for the season, and the first record for Taylor, go Matt!

Link to latest bushfire outlook from the CRC via Ranger Phil's desk - summary = 'above normal' fire season for the ACT

2017 ACT landcare awards
A very big congrats to Martine and Fiona at Southern ACT Catchment Group for winning the Community Partnership Award at the ACT 2017 Landcare Awards for their hard work coordinating Green Army teams across the ACT. Mt Taylor Park Care and many other groups were able to tap into the teams and get heaps of on-ground work done. A lot of our favourite people and programs won awards including Frogwatch coordinator, Anke-Maria and the Upper Murrumbdigee Waterwatch program. All the award winners can be found here:

Kind regards
Kathy and Anne

Next meets

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wildflower Walk Sunday 8 October 2017

We had a beaut arvo on our Wildflower walk, a surprisingly diverse display given the dry and lots of good cheer at our 'surprise' birthday party for Anne - Thanks to Zoe and Lois for a great shot of the group (attached) and to Ranger Phil for sharing our celebration.

Remaining Mt Taylor meets 2017

Date change for our November meet - to Sunday 12 November
Anne and I are away on the 5th so we will convene on 12th and possibly in the morning depending on the weather (fingers crossed for some good rain tonight and tomoz).

Mt Taylor Butterfly Walk - Sunday 3 December 10am-12 noon

Suzi Bond and Matt Frawley will lead our butterfly walk. We will meet at Waldock St reserve carpark at 10 am, amble across the slopes and enjoy a Christmas cake and a cuppa afterwards back at the picnic area. Suzi has published the first field guide to Butterflies of the ACT - a beautiful book available at the ANBG and NLA bookshops

Also see posts on Mt Taylor FB of Matthew Frawley's pics of a Heath Ochre spotted on our flower walk by Maureen and this week's post of a Yellow Ochre - keep em coming Matt

New Parkcare Hub

The Parks and Conservation Service has developed the ParkCare Hub for Parkcare volunteers. It also allows volunteers to tap into other activities like assisting Rangers with wildlife monitoring and you will get notices when opportunities arise - for example - a current project to monitor wombats along the Bidgee to check for mange.

Regular ParkCare group volunteers should consider registering using ParkCare Hub.

Greening Australia's 35th Anniversary Celebration

Our good friends at GA are marking an amazing 35 years working the region and are inviting their community partners to help them celebrate - see flyer attached for more info about this event.

Kathy and Anne