Meet tomorrow

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Dear Mt Taylor Parkcare community

Sunday Work party

Weather is looking good for our Sunday meet - we have decided to weed and picnic on the lower slopes around the track as there is plenty to do - wear sturdy shoes, a hat and bring drinking water, we will bring tools and arvo tea.

Farrer Ridge Spring wildflower walk

Coming up September 24.

Kathy and Anne

Meet this Sunday

Friday, August 04, 2017

Dear Mt Taylor Parkcarers and supporters

What beautiful rain for our mountain - the frogs are already starting to call!

Our monthly work party is set down for next Sunday 6 August, 2pm, meeting at the Colquhoun St, Kambah, reserve entrance. We will check out our previous gully works and fortify as needed.

Showers are forecast so the meet will be cancelled in the event of heavy rain (like the steady rain pouring down now).

Kathy and Anne

Update for the year

Monday, May 15, 2017

COG Bird walk

Matthew Frawley will be leading a COG bird walk on Mt Taylor next Sunday 21 May - meet at 8am at the Waldock St car park - wear sturdy shoes and bring drinking water and your binoculars - the scarlet robins are back and hanging with thornbills and wrens in mixed feeding flocks so lots to see.

Work parties 2017

Work parties will be held on the first Sunday of the month at 2pm:

4 June
Meet at Mannheim gate to plant out the last Brachychitons and check bursaria and brachy plantings.
2 July
Meet at the Swainsona quad to check erosion management above the quad and refresh roo barriers.
6 August
Meet at Colquhoun gate to continue erosion control in creek gully.
3 September
Meet at base of Zig-Zag track for walk and weed to summit - tea and cake at top for our '28th' birthday.
8 October
Wildflower walk - meet point and leader to be advised.
5 November
3 December
Christmas meet

To manage the transport of tools etc. we would like to give each of our regulars a small mattock from our kit to bring along each meet if that suits.

Facebook page

For those of you on Facebook, please like the Mt Taylor Nature Reserve FB page and send through to the gmail address any interesting nature photos from Taylor so we can share:

Little Eagle research

You may have seen the news about one of our little eagles being tracked in the Northern Territory, Ecologists Don Fletcher and Michael Mulvaney are asking Canberra birdos to keep an eye out for the Little eagle and report their sightings. See this document for more details.

Kathy and Anne